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Not a Bubble

Paul Tassi for Forbes: A new report shows that in the past month, Draw Something has lost nearly 5M Daily Active Users (DAUs), bringing the total down to 10M from 15M when Zynga first made the purchase. Not a bubble, just a really bad purchase.

Facebook: Strictly Numbers

Dustin Curtis has a great post about Facebook, as seen strictly through the numbers of their most recent S-1 filing. This part really caught my attention: Executive compensation in 2011 (cash+stock) $30,957,952 Sheryl Sandberg, COO $24,804,472 Mike Schroepfer, VP Engineering $18,761,293 David Ebersman, CFO $7,082,294 Theodore Ullyot, VP, General Counsel $1,712,362 Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Especially interesting since Sheryl Sandberg will […]