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My Profile was Featured

Apparently decided to feature my picture in their latest outgoing email blast. Hadn’t really logged into that account since I created it. But hey, can’t argue against free publicity! Great company too, based on my personal experiences thus far.

Soldering RAM to the Motherboard

Ian Chilton, discussing the innards of the new MacBook Pro: [Apple has] soldered the RAM to the motherboard, so you not only can’t use cheaper third-party RAM, but you can’t upgrade the RAM at all. Apple’s obsessive control over hardware or simply the best design decision for a laptop this small and powerful?

Twitter’s New Logo Kinda Sucks

Twitter recently announced their new Twitter bird logo. Joshua Johnson, over at Design Shack, wrote a great piece showing the evolution of the Twitter bird and a breakdown of the new logo: I don’t like it. They shaved off too much weight and it looks especially bad at smaller sizes. Glancing at the new Twitter […]

Finally Debt Free

I made my final credit card payment this month, paying off almost $21,000 in credit card debt in about four years. Mandi Woodruff wrote about it for Business Insider: At 22, Berg graduated from the University of Hofstra armed with a shiny new diploma, the whole world at his feet and $21,000 in credit card debt. […]

Hands-On Raspberry Pi Review

Check out my hands-on review of the Raspberry Pi for Laptop Magazine. Here’s a teaser: After numerous delays and unexpected compliance testing, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is finally shipping the first batch of highly anticipated Raspberry Pi computers. This computer-on-a-board is coveted for its low price ($35) and small size, roughly that of a deck […]

Hallucinating in the Quiet Room

A room so quiet no one can stand it for more than 45 minutes, for The Times Herald, by Bill Ward: Besides being able to hear one’s own heart, stomach and even inner ear, or the sounds emitted by a cellphone’s display, first-timers in the quiet room find their other senses discombobulated by “cross-modal” perceptual […]