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Facebook: Strictly Numbers

Dustin Curtis has a great post about Facebook, as seen strictly through the numbers of their most recent S-1 filing. This part really caught my attention: Executive compensation in 2011 (cash+stock) $30,957,952 Sheryl Sandberg, COO $24,804,472 Mike Schroepfer, VP Engineering $18,761,293 David Ebersman, CFO $7,082,294 Theodore Ullyot, VP, General Counsel $1,712,362 Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Especially interesting since Sheryl Sandberg will […]

Private Equity: Job Killer or Creator?

Romney made over $21 million in 2010 through capital gains through the private equity firm Bain Capital. NPR’s Planet Money explains exactly how companies such as Bain Capital make their money.