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All the world’s an ad, and we are merely watchers

Jennifer Faull writing for The Drum (emphasis mine): Accenture’s R&D division has spent the last year developing breakthrough product placement technology that can seamlessly insert a brand into online video, including the ability to replace existing labelling. And also: “[We wanted] to [be able to] monetise (sic) huge back catalogues of existing video content as well […]

Clicking Banner Ads

Steve Hanov: In recent years, hundreds of the brightest minds of modern civilization have been hard at work not curing cancer. Instead, they have been refining techniques for getting you and me to click on banner ads. This is a problem.

Facebook Brings Ads to Your News Feed

Facebook is bringing ads to your News Feed. While these ads will be no more intrusive than liking a company’s Facebook page, it provides yet another opportunity for Facebook to take money from advertisers.