Help: Will Work for Cat Surgery

My cat Maimonides is in the hospital and needs $4000 surgery. I’m trying to get extra work to afford the bill. Let me know if you want me to build you a website.

UPDATE: The reconstructive surgery was successful as of 5:45pm October 17th. He will be ready to come home tomorrow, October 19th. Thank you, again, for all your support.

Yesterday, October 16th, I arrived home from work at 8:30pm and one of my cats was not to be found. After around ten minutes of searching, I found Maimonides (my cat) curled up in my bed under the sheets (very unusual behavior). As soon as he climbed/fell out of the bed and onto the floor, I knew something was wrong. He sat there, looked at me, and let out two loud howls. He then tried to take a few steps and collapsed on the floor.

My girlfriend and I immediately located an emergency vet clinic and called a taxi. After a thorough checkup and numerous X-rays later, it seems as if Maimonides had somehow shattered the femur in his back left leg. The X-rays showed the bone broken into three or four pieces. The only option for recovery was surgery.

Maimonides is currently at the vet and is scheduled for surgery this afternoon. The doctor is extremely capable, albeit very expensive. The total bill is going to be between $4,000 – $4500.

In order for Maimonides to be admitted to the hospital, I had to pay the low estimate, $4,000, last night. I was able to borrow this money from my girlfriend for the time being, but I need to pay this money back as soon as possible.

I am not going to ask for donations for nothing, but I am going to offer an extremely discounted rate for web work in order to raise funds to pay for Maimonides’ surgery. If you’ve ever wanted a website, blog, homepage, or landing page built, now is the time to get one.

For a $150 donation I will build you a website. This is what you will get:

  • Domain name registration for 1 year ($11.99 value)
  • Hosting for 1 year ($42 value)
  • Complete WordPress install and setup to your specifications ($300+ value)
  • Search Engine Optimization and functionality enhancement with numerous plugins ($50+ value)
  • Total value over $400
If you would like a website, please send me an email at and we can discuss the details of your specific project. Donation rates are completely negotiable, and I will definitely work with you to get you exactly what you want. References available upon request.
Examples of my work:
If you do not want any website work done but would still like to help, I can accept donations through paypal. Just click the link below.

Thank you in advance for your help.


If you would like to donate by commissioning some custom artwork by the talented Jillian Logue, check this other post for more details.

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