Maimonides Update

Maimonides is home after surgery. Here are some pre- and post-surgery X-Rays.

The surgery was successful and Maimonides was able to come home today, October 19th. As you can see, he has a huge scar on his leg and needs to wear a cone collar when I’m at work and asleep so he doesn’t chew off his sutures. He has a follow up appointment a week from today (October 26) to have his sutures removed.

Thank you to everyone who has shared links to these posts and helped by donating money. It really is amazing how kind people are, even complete strangers. You have no idea how grateful I am. We’ve been able to raise $550 through donations, art┬ácommissions, and web work so far. This really does help a ton.

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Maimonides is expected to make a full recovery, and should be jumping up and around in no time. Thanks again for everyone’s support, it has been overwhelming. For those interested, here are some X-rays from pre- and post-surgery.

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