OS X Lion and Siri: Apple is Slipping

I am no longer confident in the quality of Apple products. From OS X Lion to Siri, Apple has released some pretty half-assed products recently.

Christophe de Dinechin:

OSX Snow Leopard was a lean and mean operating system, just like its feline counterpart. OSX Lion takes on its role model as well: it’s big, heavy, slow, lazy, and it doesn’t care about you a tiny bit.

While on the topic of half-assed Apple products, can we talk about Siri for a moment? Apple’s “personal assistant” is probably one of the most unreliable, slow, unhelpful products yet. Siri can’t connect to the database a large portion of the time, takes forever to retrieve information, and is generally a displeasure to use.

I am really surprised that Apple released a product to market so long before it was ready. It comes off as a sloppily thrown together gimmick to sell the iPhone 4S, in order to combat the general disappointment of no iPhone 5 announcement. Not only that, but Siri has not improved over time. I expected Siri to get better and better as the days, weeks, months progressed. But the service is no more reliable now than it was the week of the iPhone 4s’ release.

If you want to disappoint a user, leave out a helpful feature. If you want to anger and upset a user, provide a feature that promises to do one thing and consistently fails to deliver. That is Siri.

I do still believe that Apple still has the best products on the market at this point in time. But it’s slips like these, from the clunky OS X Lion to the half-assed Siri, that make me wonder about the quality of future releases.

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