Facebook Phone Concept Design

This is the type of innovation we need in the cell phone arena. Ever since the iPhone, every company has simply copied the design of the iPhone. From Google’s Android copying Apple’s iOS, to cell phone manufacturers copying the iPhone’s hardware design. Microsoft and Nokia broke slightly from the mold with the Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7, but apart from the innovative OS, the hardware is still basically the same.

Tolga Tuncer created this concept design for a Facebook phone, and it’s absolutely¬†gorgeous. Everything about this design screams innovation and fresh thinking. The trademark Facebook blue color, the “like” logo on the front button, and the wedge shape are all a breath of fresh air in the now-stale mobile phone arena.

This design makes me want to hold and play with this phone, and I am generally a light Facebook user. Job well done.

If this was Microsoft and Nokia’s brainchild, things might be looking a little better for Nokia at this point in time.

Photos courtesy of Yanko Design.


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