Google Glasses as Couture Fashion

Diane Von Furstenberg put her models in the Google Glasses Explorer Edition for her Spring 2013 show at Fashion Week. Here’s Lauren Indvik reporting for Mashable:

The bands of each pair [of Google Glasses] were modified to complement the collection’s palette of corals, blues, whites and grays. It was the first time Glass had ever appeared on a runway.

This is a big deal. While runway fashion often displays over-the-top garb and impractical styles, everything that happens on the runway does make it to the streets in one form or another. Outlets such as H&M and Forever 21 are nothing but runway-diffusion machines, taking impractical/exorbitantly priced fashion and making the styles street-appropriate and affordable.

Putting models in Google’s glasses, and pulling Sergey Brin on stage at the end, is a huge win for Google. It’s one thing if self-proclaimed computer geeks and nerds wear Google Glasses, it’s another to see them on models. Google is really doing all they can to make these a fashion statement. And they just took one giant step forward.

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