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A new hope for the blockchain?

Soaring crypto prices at the end of 2017 gave mainstream attention/interest to both crypto currency and the blockchain. The subsequent price crash separated people back into (mostly) two camps: dedicated “holders” and the mostly-disinterested public. While I personally have my doubts about crypto as a currency (beyond simply a medium of exchange between fiat), I […]

Amazon’s Failure at Targeted Advertising

  Let’s talk about companies that squander targeted advertising opportunities. Amazon has the perfect opportunity to serve amazingly targeted ads directly to me, on a device I use at least twice a day. I’ve owned every generation of the Kindle since the original launch, working my way to the $79 Kindle Wi-Fi with Special Offers, the absolute best Kindle […]

Monopoly and Monopsony of Amazon

Charles Stross: And the peculiar evil genius of Amazon is that Amazon seems to be trying to simultaneously establish a wholesale monopsony and a retail monopoly in the ebook sector. Fascinating take on’s growth and economic stranglehold.