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Legally Keeping Your Password Private

Emil Protalinski for ZDNet: Facebook today weighed in on the issue of employers asking current and prospective employees for their Facebook passwords. The company noted that doing so undermines the privacy expectations and the security of both the user and the user’s friends, as well as potentially exposes the employer to legal liability. Good. I’m glad Facebook […]

Facebook: From Ads to Stories

Facebook wants to use stories to build relationships between advertisers and consumers. I’m not sure how they’re planning their execution, but the public will probably eat it up.

Facebook Brings Ads to Your News Feed

Facebook is bringing ads to your News Feed. While these ads will be no more intrusive than liking a company’s Facebook page, it provides yet another opportunity for Facebook to take money from advertisers.

The Internet Crisis

Internet companies are beginning to grow too powerful any sort of government regulation. Who can we turn to if/when these businesses turn evil?