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“The Vibe” by Soundcloud and Shapeways is Just Plain Cool

“The Vibe” is a really cool mashup collaboration between Soundcloud and Shapeways. Grab your favorite piece of music and have it 3D printed into an iPhone case. Brilliant idea. Shapeways is still a bit of a lesser-known company, but they’re really paving the way in terms of bringing 3D printing technology to the general public. […]

Things I Love Thursday, December 2nd

Woah! It’s Thursday again! And it’s already December! That’s all crazy talk! In this week’s Things I Love Thursday post, we’ll take a look at getting tweeted at, not listening to Christmas music, and no much more. Start reading!

Things I Love Thursday, October 21st

Well, hello Thursday! So nice of you to make it! What’s that you say? It’s time for Things I Love Thursday? Alright! This week, we’ll discuss the smell of Fall, swiss cheese, the Manhattan Bridge, dipping french fries in ranch, nightgowns, and oh-so-much more!

Things I Love Thursday, September 30th

It’s the last day of September, and it’s a Thursday, AND it’s Things I Love Thursday! Today we’ll look at changing neighborhoods, Twitter clients, Work, the iPad, Kleenex with Lotion (ooooo!) and so much more!!!

Things I Love Thursday, September 23rd

Today is Thursday, September 23rd, which means it’s Things I Love Thursday! This week, IAmDann discusses showering, cleaning, drinking, Brooklyn, and putting numbers onto activities. Yeah, it’s pretty intense.