Things I Love Thursday, December 2nd

Woah! It’s Thursday again! And it’s already December! That’s all crazy talk! In this week’s Things I Love Thursday post, we’ll take a look at getting tweeted at, not listening to Christmas music, and no much more. Start reading!

Whoa, there. It’s already December? Wow. This year absolutely flew by! That’s not true for this week, though. It seems like forever since Thanksgiving, yet it was exactly one week ago today! As always, this week has been full of things I love, so let’s get exploring. It’s Things I Love Thursday.

Companies That Tweet Me

I’m a huge fan of Twitter. Not because I think it’s revolutionary. Not because I think it’s the best social networking tool. Not even because I’d feel left behind if I didn’t use Twitter. I love Twitter simply because it’s fun. Posting on Twitter is like talking to everyone and no one. My Twitter friends get more updates than any other social networking friends (except tumblr, but those are just random pictures, so they don’t count).

One of my favorite things about Twitter is getting tweets from Companies. I’ve had interactions with ING Direct (the best bank ever!), FreshDirect, Harney and Sons, and many others. It brings me so much joy to randomly tweet about a subject and get a response back from them.

Instagram TeaThis week, I grabbed a pot of tea with my coworker Ashley for breakfast before work. I snapped a picture with Instagram, posted that to twitter, and got a response shortly after! I love that.

No Christmas Music

Can I take a moment to¬†appreciate the fact that I don’t have to listen to Christmas Music for 8 hours a day during the holiday season? Sitting in Starbucks or walking into other stores is enough for me. If I had to listen to Christmas music, all day, every day, for the month of December, I think I’d go crazy.

Last year I lucked out as well. For some reason, out holiday music update didn’t arrive, so I wasn’t subjected to Christmas music at all. But last year was just luck. This year, I am blessed enough to work in a store that allows us to pick our own music. Which means eight hours a day of Pandora and not eight hours a day of horrible versions of the exact same trite songs.

I know some people love holiday music. I am not one of those people. You can have your holiday music, I’ll have my wonderfully secular December workdays.

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