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TED Censorship: The Rich Don’t Create Jobs

Edit: You can read Chris Anderson’s full explaination on his blog. Here’s an excerpt: We discussed [whether or not to feature the video] internally and ultimately told the speaker we did not plan to post. He did not react well. He had hired a PR firm to promote the talk to MoveOn and others, and the PR firm […]

Things I Love Thursday, September 30th

It’s the last day of September, and it’s a Thursday, AND it’s Things I Love Thursday! Today we’ll look at changing neighborhoods, Twitter clients, Work, the iPad, Kleenex with Lotion (ooooo!) and so much more!!!

Things I Love Thursday, September 2nd

Today is Thursday, September 2nd, and that means it’s Things I Love Thursday! Today, we discuss the love of TILT, avocados, milk vs creamer, google searches, the correct way to eat buffalo wings, SATAN \m/, and so much more!