Things I Love Thursday, September 2nd

Today is Thursday, September 2nd, and that means it’s Things I Love Thursday! Today, we discuss the love of TILT, avocados, milk vs creamer, google searches, the correct way to eat buffalo wings, SATAN \m/, and so much more!

Finally! It’s Thursday! Which means it’s Things I Love Thursday!!! As always, this week has been full of things I love! One of which is more people getting involved in Things I Love Thursday. My friend Erin, the one who inspired me to start my own Things I Love Thursday, and I are on a mission to get as many people as we can to participate! If you have a blog, make a post on Thursdays about things you love (even if it’s super short). Put a Things I Love Thursday status update on Facebook. Post it on Twitter (and use the hash tag #TILT). Even if you’re having a horrible day, find just one thing you loved about the past week and post about it. You’ll be glad you did.

And now, without further delay:

AvocadoAvocado: The avocado is possibly the best fruit in the entire world. It brings me so much joy. The corner deli right next to where I work always has tons of fresh avocados and I’ve gotten into the habit of ordering them on my burger whenever I get a cheeseburger deluxe. Everything about an avocado is satisfying: the taste, the buttery consistency, the burst of flavor it adds to almost any sandwich. Back when I was in college, I used to go to the grocery store and just buy a bunch of avocados. Then I’d simply cut them in half, twist the two sides apart, and eat them with a spoon. Best snack ever. The hardest part for me is not eating them every day.

Milk in Coffee: I’ve always been someone who prefers milk in their coffee rather than cream. Some people say that this is a New York thing, but I say it just flat out tastes better. From time to time, I’ll switch to creamer just to give it another shot. Last week I purchased some hazelnut flavored creamer for my morning coffee, and it was great. It was nice having a splash of hazelnut in my coffee. But I ended up running out of the creamer before I had a chance to buy another bottle, so I went back to the milk. For some reason, I always expect to be disappointed whenever I switch from cream back to milk, but that is never the case. I just forget how much I actually love milk in my coffee and get lost in the hype of cream. So no more creamer for me (at least until I get a craving for it, in which case I’ll buy a small bottle and switch back to milk afterwards). Milk just tastes better.

Secret Science ClubSearch Engine Traffic: This blog got it’s first ever “organic” search engine traffic this week! Both were directed at last week’s Things I Love Thursday post, and the search engine phrase used was “secret science club.” I did some investigating, and discovered that if someone searches on Google for “secret science club,” that my post shows up at the very bottom of the seventh page of the search results! Not quite sure why two unique users were clicking links on the seventh page of a google search, but I’m not going to complain. The spam-bots absolutely love my post about Twitter, which is to be expected due to twitter being a popular topic these days. But it’s nice to see my website showing up in niche search results to actual people (even if they don’t stay on my site very long). It just makes me want to write the phrase “secret science club” over and over again!

Buffalo WingCorrectly Eating Buffalo Wings: I found myself sitting in front of a plate of buffalo wings for dinner this past week. Normally, this isn’t much of a reason to be excited, but if you know how to eat a buffalo wing with little to no mess, it’s super exciting! I don’t know about you, but that video completely changed the way I look at those weird two bone chicken wings, much like my mind was blown in regards to peeling a banana. It is seriously the most effective way to get all the meat off the bone, and is just really fun for some reason! Next time you grab an order of buffalo wings, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Goat HeadWorking in a Tattoo Shop: Venus, my place of employment, has two locations. I usually work at our location on Broadway, which specializes in jewelry and piercing. But the other shop, our location on E. 4th St, does both piercing and tattoos. About once a week I’ll work at our 4th Street location, and it’s always an absolute blast for one reason or another. This week, a girl came in wanting a tattoo, and one of our artists happened to be free. She was a Capricorn, and had brought in a “capricorn” image to get tattooed on her upper back. But rather than having a nice image of a baby goat, this girl had found a pentagram goat image. She still insisted on using that image even after three people in the shop explained that the image she had was more closely related to satanism than astrology. She was insistent that she wanted to “claim the image as her own,” and that’s exactly what she did. Informed consent, that’s all I can say. The tattoo turned out absolutely beautiful too. Hail Satan.

Left Over Lovers: SEPTEMBER, bagel with lox, cream cheese, tomato, and onion from the Native Bean, TED, Family Dollar, being someone that people feel comfortable confiding in and talking to, having intelligent conversations in bars, ordering new stickers even if I can’t really afford it (you can’t put a price on happiness!), have twitter conversations with people in positions of power, feeling good about my decision to boycott digg, organizing the media on my external hard drive, always keeping the number of unread messages in my email inbox at zero, having multiple different strangers give me business advice in Starbucks when they see me pull out my iPad (which I’m typing on right now!), reading about people going back to school, reading other people’s Things I Love Thursdays, giving people “what the fuck?” moments, the new and improved Simplenote application, UNO for the iPad, Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap, finishing this post early yesterday so I was able to grab dinner with my Dad last night without worrying about this post.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps!

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