Praise The Lord

It’s absolutely amazing how the universe can bring completely unrelated people together to scream their praises to Jesus on a busy subway car during rush hour.

As the train pulled up this morning, I noticed a whole section of seats where no one was sitting. This is an odd occurrence. As soon as I got in, I realized why: someone spilled something all over the bench. On top of that, there was an ominous looking elderly black woman standing right there. She appeared to be potentially homeless/crazy, so I walked to the middle of the train to stand and read, rather than staying near the end of the car with the dirty seats and her.

We got a few stops into the trip, when she started yelling/singing out of nowhere. At the top of her lungs, and with all her might, she starting singing about hating lesbians, loving Jesus, and urging people to stay away from her. She repeated this refrain over and over, making the people at that end of the train regret staying there.

About a minute into her song, a gentleman standing next to me cleared his throat, and yelled, over the singing woman, that he wanted everyone’s attention. He proclaimed that Jesus doesn’t hate the lesbians or the gays, only their homosexual ACTIONS. Then he went on yelling about the love of Christ, while the woman kept singing her anti-lesbian-get-away-from-me song.

Then another gentleman, standing next to me as well, joined into the shouting by beginning to pray quite loudly. He thanked Jesus Christ, told him he loved him.

This continued for another three stops, during which time the rest of the train was able to bond simply by making eye contact with each other. The two yelling gentlemen, while continuing their words of praise to Jesus, walked through the car towards the singing woman. They then stood on that side of the train, yelling and singing as loud as they could, until I got off at the next stop to change trains.

I’m trying to figure out if they were all together originally, but I doubt it. The woman seemed less than pleased when the two men joined her. Or maybe she was just upset thinking about a girl sticking her tongue in another girl’s snatch. I have no way of knowing.

But at least I got my daily dose of Jesus. Praise the Lord.

His will be done, and no dykes.

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