Great Adventues in New York City

The epic play by play recounting of running away from the rain.

This morning, I decided to walk to the Parkside Ave subway station to catch the train, and since the Q came before the B, I decided to hop on to stop by my PO Box before grabbing breakfast. After I grabbed my mail, I walked out of the post office and crossed Green St and stood on the corner waiting for the light to change so I could cross Canal St. I glanced west, back towards the post office, and had to take a double take. It was pouring on that side of the street. Out of no where. My side of the street was completely dry.

The light changed, and I crossed Canal St, keeping an eye on the rain, trying to figure out if it was going to follow and overcome me. I still had over a half a mile walk to where I was going.

I continued walking north on Greene St, and lost sight of the line of rain. After a couple blocks, I felt a few drops on my head. It had caught up. I made a right turn at the next intersection, and decided to continue north on Mercer. It was still sprinkling, but not very bad. I was able to make it all the way to Broadway and Bond Street without getting soaked.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and glanced outside. It was pouring. I mean, it has since stopped, but I was able to miss any downpour.

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