Things I Love Thursday, August 12th

Welcome to the first official Things I Love Thursday! It’s August 12, 2010, and today we’re talking about blogging, graffiti, money management, kittens, sandwiches, and much much more!

I’m totally copying my friend Erin (who got the idea from the blog Gala Darling) and starting Things I Love Thursdays! Every Thursday I’m going to post the things that were absolutely amazing and fantastic that happened that week. And I’m going to share it with all of you.

So, without further ado:

Blogging: In case you couldn’t tell, I started blogging this week! I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while, but could never really decide on a topic to focus on or a direction to take it. Then I decided screw it, and just started one to use as a catch all for all my thoughts and ideas. It feels really great to be writing again, and I’m really impressed with myself for figuring out domains, hosting, Dreamweaver, installing web apps, WordPress, and getting this up and running. So now I’ve got my own domain and a blog to focus attention on. It feels great to have something I’ve wanted for so long.

Preformed Thermoplastic Street Graffiti – I mean, if that’s what it’s even called. I’ve always loved artful graffiti and sticker projects all over the city, but I’ve just recently become obsessed with the street artists who lay works down in the middle of the street. That’s some heavy duty stuff. I really want to figure out exactly how it’s done (the materials and how these people get them melted into the asphalt). Every time I see one, I just think about all the thought and energy that had to go into that project, and it just makes me incredibly happy.

Successful Budgeting: Money this week was super tight, but I was able to make it through the entire week without dipping into my savings account at all! It’s easy to look at your budget and say “I can afford to spend an average of $12 each day until payday” and it’s another thing to actually do it. Especially when that $12/day budget needs to cover food for that day. It’s difficult, but when the week is over (direct deposit while I sleep tonight!) it just feels great.

Chavie: I’ve got two cats, and this week I’m going to focus on the amazingness that is Chavie. Chavie (short for Yocheved) is my female cat. She is one of the strangest cats I’ve ever owned. For a long time I thought she was retarded (like, actually mentally handicapped) but now I just think she’s quirky. She seems to lack any knowledge (or care) of what’s going on around her. She’ll be lying on her back in the middle of a doorway, and not even notice when you walk up to go by. You can take your foot and push her out of the way, and she’ll just slide across the floor. If you want to get her off a table, she’ll slide until she ungracefully falls off (rather than jumping down). Hell, it’s hard to describe, but she’s just weird and amazing.

What a slut.

Egg Salad Sandwiches: Back on the topic of budgeting, egg salad sandwiches from the local deli are the best $3.75 sandwich ever! Getting an egg salad sandwich, on a roll, with mustard (the extra mustard does wonders) is possibly the most satisfying inexpensive food ever. So even if I’m trying to conserve money by cutting back my food budget, I can still get food that makes me incredibly happy.

Et Al: Insurance companies, finally getting computer problems resolved, finding restaurants near your apartment you never knew about, knowing you’re reliable enough that someone asked you to feed their fish while they’re out of town, FUTURAMA, productivity, actually having two days off in a row!, Monster Trail Mix from Target, always remembering to set auto brew on the coffee machine, finishing a carton of milk before it goes bad, guest piercers in town, cotton canvas’, sharing your favorite iPhone apps, listening to music you haven’t listened to in years, WAITING UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE ON THURSDAY TO PUBLISH THIS POST.

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  1. Erin says:

    re: graffiti

    I know!! stickman used to do a ton in Philly (and NY I believe) before moving west and the one you posted has some in philly too. I feel like they got ahold of asphalt paint or something. I don’t think there is anything stronger that could last like those do.

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