Stickers of NYC Officially Launched!

Stickers of NYC has officially launched! Check out the new blog and follow @stickersofnyc on twitter!

Just wanted to announce that I just launched another blog called Stickers of NYC! Stickers of NYC documents all the various stickers people slap up all over New York City. Plus, when you look at stickers online rather than in their natural habitat, you can actually click some of the links and check out who is actually behind the stickers.

From the website:

New York City is full of stickers. There are stickers promoting businesses, stickers promoting websites, stickers promoting people, and stickers that exist simply for their own sake. These stickers are so plentiful that they are easily overlooked and simply blend into the background noise of this bustling city.

Yet, someone took the time to design each of these stickers. Someone paid to have these stickers printed. Someone took the time to put each specific sticker in each specific spot. Each sticker has a message, however obscure, that someone, at some point, was trying to tell.

If you follow @StickersofNYC on twitter and tweet about the website launch, you’ll be entered to win some SNYC swag!

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