Tweaking Safari

The Safari Omnibar on GitHub adds omnibar functionality to Apple’s Safari, allowing users to search directly from the address bar.

I was an avid Google Chrome user until I upgraded to OSX Lion. The new operating system did not play nicely with Chrome’s Cookies, and I found myself unable to use Google Apps about 95% of the time. As much as I wanted to stay with Chrome, I had to switch back to Apple’s native browser in order to maintain a usable internet.

The main thing that infuriated me with Safari is the separate address bar and search bar. Google announced the appropriately named Omnibar with Google Chrome, which would allow users to enter URLs and search from the same bar. Firefox adapted this functionality as well, allowing users to search from the address bar, while still visually keeping the address bar and search bar separate.

As of writing this, Safari still does not offer this functionality. Nor are there any official extensions that allow users to search from the address bar.

And then I found the SafariOmnibar on github. It does exactly what I wanted.

Just wanted to share with everyone. Happy browsing.

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