Lying: The Truth About Opposing SOPA/PIPA

Politicians are only opposing SOPA/PIPA to gain support of the Internet community, go viral, and get re-elected. There is no doubt that if the (lobbyist) price was right, they’d take the money and run.

Call me jaded, but whenever I hear a member of Congress or the Senate openly denounce SOPA and/or PIPA, I roll my eyes. They just want attention. Attention from this new found “Internet community,” a group that is becoming more and more powerful and influential. They want a news article, featuring them in a positive light, to go viral. They want to be known as anti-SOPA/PIPA, while continuing to do whatever they please.

Do I think any of these “representatives” would continue to support the Internet community if the price was right from lobbyists? No. I much more convinced they’ll ride the wave of support, get re-elected, take the money, and run.

I’ve lost all faith in my representatives actually representing me. Kill Hollywood? Let’s kill our current political system.

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