iPad 3: Non-Revolutionary Upgrades

The iPad 3 was announced today. It’s just like the iPad two, but a little bit better. Nothing new to report here.

This is apparently the year of modest upgrades from Apple. I’m not saying that every year should be revolutionary, but both the iPhone 4S and the iPad 3 are more of an innards upgrade, rather than any sort of physical or user experience redesign.

Here are the new features of the iPad 3:

  • Higher resolution screen (Retina Display)
  • Faster processor (A5 X)
  • Better camera (5mp)
  • Faster Internet (4G/LTE)

There are things that stayed the same:

  • Price ($499, $599, $699 wifi, $629, $729, $829 4G/LTE)
  • Battery Life (10hrs, 9hrs w/4G)
  • Design/Case

So, there is no replacement for the 30 pin connector. No redesigned case. No dramatic new user interface/experience.

I believe it was John Gruber who mentioned, on The Talk Show, that Apple is focused on gaining new iPad customers rather than enticing current iPad owners to upgrade. This tactic makes total sense. But I still wish they could have thrown in at least one curve ball in today’s announcement.

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