“Reality Distortion Field”

Yeah, Mike Daisy lied.

Mark Milian for Bloomberg:

Mike Daisey, the monologist behind “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs,” created a “reality-distortion field” of his own.

Ha, this line made me chuckle.

It has been fascinating to watch this entire scene unfold. We’ve seen this type of thing in the past, but I think this fiasco hits a lot closer to home for a lot of people. It’s still surprises me—although maybe it shouldn’t—that journalistic enterprises will forego any type of real fact checking in favor of publishing a sensational story.

Bravo to This American Life for retracting the story so publicly and thoroughly, but shame on them for publishing it in the first place. The original story could have been easily killed with just a little bit of journalistic integrity. It is frustrating to listen to the retraction episode and hear all the ways that This American Life reporters and producers completely ignored the blaring warning signs.

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