AT&T Data Throttling

This is my first month experiencing AT&T’s data throttling (I’m grandfathered into an unlimited plan). I knew my internet speeds would be slowed down, but this is justĀ ridiculous.


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  1. Bailey says:

    Wow…I have gotten their “Cease & Desist” type txt messages but haven’t gotten throttled yet…apparently they are out to enrage their customers…that much of a cut makes an iPhone nearly unusable.

    • Dann says:

      Yup. Completely ridiculous, especially as mobile wireless speeds are trending faster and faster and internet applications are becoming more robust and data-consuming.

      I suppose I could understand the throttling if someone was illegally tethering their laptop to their iPhone and downloading large amounts of data (emphasis on illegally) but I used up all my throttle-free data without breaking any rules. No tethering at all.


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