Social Media Alerts are FINALLY Useful or What I Build at Startup Weekend

I spent the entire weekend hacking away at the New York Startup Weekend and we build a really cool product. It’s like Google Alerts but in real-time and from the people you care about on the topics you care about. It’s called

Right now, I’m following a lot of interesting people on Google Reader, Twitter, Github, Stack Overflow, etc. If one of their posts relates to something I know, I’ll chime in and reply, leave a comment and generally try to help them out. I want to be noticed, to get on their radar. But usually, by the time I see the post it’s hours or days later. The question has been answered and the moment has passed.

That’s where comes in.

We give you immediate alerts when the people you care about talk about something you care about.

If you’re eying a job, you can set up for the team leader for that position. If that team leader ever posts a question related to your area of knowledge, you can be the first to respond and show what you know before your foot is even in the door. Then, when you get the interview, your interviewer will recognize you and has already seen your value.

Or if you’re working on a startup/business/product launch and you want to start networking with VCs1 or journalists, is perfect. Plug them in, set up parameters based on your company’s area of expertise. If it’s ever mentioned, you’ll get an immediate alert and can be the first to respond or comment, so you’ll not only be seen when the post/idea is still fresh in the VC or Journalist’s mind, but you’ll also be seen by everyone else who comments after you.

You can probably think of a million other uses2.

We have a working prototype, but if you want us to actually build this into a consumer facing product, let us know! Do that by giving me your email address so I can go to other people and say “Look how many people want to use this!”

Hooray for customer validation!

  1. There may be a VC with a strong Internet presence comes to mind.
  2. Maybe you can be the first to help Kim Kardashian with her iPhone…

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