Building Humans in the Cloud

Via the Huffington Post:

If we understand the brain well enough, [Ray Kurzweil] says, we would be better equipped to fix its problems, like mental and neurological illnesses. He imagines a search engine capable of accessing a database of your thoughts, stored in the Cloud. It would anticipate what people are seeking before they even know.

It’s amazing to me how people have no ethical problems with having an external brain in their pants pocket at all times but the idea of these devices being smart enough to predict our thoughts and actions tends to raise the hackles. We’re getting closer to the elixir of life, it seems. The real question is: who will we trust to host these databases?

I’m not sure how far away we are from singularity, but I’m sure the next 20 years are going to house some of the most exciting innovations in the history of humankind.

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