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ABC News Reports on my Magnet Implant

Liz Neporent, writing for ABC News: As superpowers go, sensing the electromagnet waves given off by a microwave or computer may not be quite as impressive as flying or a cloak of invisibility but it is a power that is literally within anyone’s grasp. All it takes is a magnet implant in your fingertip. It’s […]

Magnet Implants Can Actually be Pretty Annoying

I recently got a comment on my post Body Hacking: My Magnet Implant that I wanted to share. It comes from a reader who is also named Dan: I know a lot of people really like these things and that’s cool but I thought it would be informative to have a dissenting view (as far […]

Cyborgs, Biohacking, and Magnetic Implants

Ben Popper, writing for The Verge: People passing by gave us odd stares as Berg and I stood next to each other in the street, waving our hands around inside an invisible field, like mystics groping blindly for a ghost. Fantastic article about the current state of biohacking. And I helped.

Simulating a Magnetic Implant

Marek was inspired by my magnet implant and decided to build his own external magnet sensor with an Arduino board and some innovative tinkering. Really, really cool. After it was built, he took a walk to test it out: Friends were laughing at me when during a walk I was stopping suddenly and doing few steps […]