ABC News Reports on my Magnet Implant

Liz Neporent, writing for ABC News:

As superpowers go, sensing the electromagnet waves given off by a microwave or computer may not be quite as impressive as flying or a cloak of invisibility but it is a power that is literally within anyone’s grasp. All it takes is a magnet implant in your fingertip.

It’s so great to see a mainstream article about my magnet implant that doesn’t just go for shock value. It was also a pleasant surprise to see the tweet from Tim Ferriss linking to my piece on Gizmodo!

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  1. Mauricio says:

    Hey Dann how is your implant at the ~10yr mark? I consider myself kind of lucky only finding out about this in 2019 and getting implanted at the beginning of 2020 with the confidence of the field being so far ahead of where it was. I see implant grade silicon seems to be the most tried and tested, hoping I get many many years from mine.
    I care less about the party tricks and more about the “feeling” of EM fields

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