Simulating a Magnetic Implant

Marek was inspired by my magnet implant and decided to build his own external magnet sensor with an Arduino board and some innovative tinkering. Really, really cool. After it was built, he took a walk to test it out:

Friends were laughing at me when during a walk I was stopping suddenly and doing few steps back to identify the source of the magnetic field (it was usually a utility box).

Yup, I’ve been there.

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  1. vibes says:

    I am a walking have answered what is inside of me. My boyfriend did this to me when I was with him…but…are there magnets small enough without having an actual surgery or open area? I assume that it might get injected? Like a dog tag?
    his experiment was to have his son lay on a bed of electric so that he could watch and know his every move through the night because of a medical issue. I am experiencing what you have explained. It is used with a cell phone also. I get close to a cell phone and I feel the tingle,,then it starts to vibrate faster the more I use the cell phone,,,ie scrolling,,,then my hand starts to go numb. Does this sound like what is going on with me? I posted a blog thinking I had a microchip,,,i cannot tell you what ive been going through ,,its ridiculous, My bf and I broke up since then as well…I didn’t know what was happening to me,,everyone thought I was going crazy it seemed…drs didn’t know,,,i didn’t know what to tell them,,,it was a mess…I did do the test on my blog with the plexiglass and cell phones…I can feel them within a one inch possibly two inch height above the phone. i am constantly vibrated. please help

  2. V2k says:

    W38.Raven1 net hypnose 2s.gif

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