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Dammit, Twitter

IFTTT email: In recent weeks, Twitter announced policy changes* that will affect how applications and users like yourself can interact with Twitter’s data. As a result of these changes, on September 27th we will be removing all Twitter Triggers, disabling your ability to push tweets to places like email, Evernote and Facebook. Dammit Twitter. You’re […]

Writing My First Code and Mastering the TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator

My high school math classes all required a TI-83 Plus graphing calculator. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This calculator didn’t just help with calculus, the TI-83 Plus was a pre-smartphone smartphone. I’d spend hours in class playing games like Falldown, Block Dude, Tetris 1, and most importantly Drugwars2. While I didn’t clock […]

Living in Computers and Other Crotch Shots

Ben Makuch writing for According to Moore’s Law, which states that computing power doubles roughly every two years, all of this will be theoretically possible in the future. Sooner or later, we’ll get to a place where simulating a few billion people—and making them believe they are sentient beings with the ability to control […]

Google Glasses as Couture Fashion

Diane Von Furstenberg put her models in the Google Glasses Explorer Edition for her Spring 2013 show at Fashion Week. Here’s Lauren Indvik reporting for Mashable: The bands of each pair [of Google Glasses] were modified to complement the collection’s palette of corals, blues, whites and grays. It was the first time Glass had ever […] is Not the Answer, and Why I Gave Them Money

I do not think is the answer. I do believe Dalton’s views on the detrimental nature of ad-supported services is spot-on. There are, however, fatal flaws with customer supported services, too. People do not want to pay for digital services or goods. It’s been like this since the invent of the Internet. Thanks to […]

Cyborgs, Biohacking, and Magnetic Implants

Ben Popper, writing for The Verge: People passing by gave us odd stares as Berg and I stood next to each other in the street, waving our hands around inside an invisible field, like mystics groping blindly for a ghost. Fantastic article about the current state of biohacking. And I helped.