Lying: The Truth About Opposing SOPA/PIPA

Politicians are only opposing SOPA/PIPA to gain support of the Internet community, go viral, and get re-elected. There is no doubt that if the (lobbyist) price was right, they’d take the money and run.

Call me jaded, but whenever I hear a member of Congress or the Senate openly denounce SOPA and/or PIPA, I roll my eyes. They just want attention. Attention from this new found “Internet community,” a group that is becoming more and more powerful and influential. They want a news article, featuring them in a positive light, to go viral. They want to be known as anti-SOPA/PIPA, while continuing to do whatever they please.

Do I think any of these “representatives” would continue to support the Internet community if the price was right from lobbyists? No. I much more convinced they’ll ride the wave of support, get re-elected, take the money, and run.

I’ve lost all faith in my representatives actually representing me. Kill Hollywood? Let’s kill our current political system.

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  1. AP2 says:

    Yeah, I’m sure the next political system won’t suffer from corruption.

    • Dann says:

      By that logic, no one should ever try to improve their political situation…

      • AP2 says:

        I don’t object to improving it. I object to killing it.

        • Dann says:

          I think we’re arguing semantics. I, too, believe that we need an improved system. My statement “Let’s kill our current political system,” was a reference to the logistics of “killing Hollywood” by creating a new system that has the power to replace the old system.

          We can’t keep electing people with grand ideas but no power to get anything done. That’s a broken system. And I’d argue that it would be easier to take things into our own hands (whatever that means) as opposed to attempting to pass legislation to improve the situation when it’s impossible to pass meaningful legislation in this current system.

          • Steve says:

            Poor choice to emulate PG here. I get anal about people who have poor word usage to convey the message they’re trying to get across. While I get the semantics argument here, it truly is a poor choice of word usage.

    • Dann says:

      I think that SOPA and PIPA were a false victory, mostly because similar (and arguably worse) acts such as ACTA will be both introduced and passed.

      I think that the Internet’s reaction to SOPA/PIPA was a once in a lifetime thing, and that we won’t be able to garner the same support for future/similar acts.

      I think that it’s a useless battle until we chance our political system.

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