My Music Listening Habits

Adia I do believe I failed you. Adia I know I let you down.

At some point during the history of using iTunes as my main music organizer, the song Adia by Sarah McLaughlin was added to my computer. Not sure if I’ve ever actually listened to it, but it’s there.

On July 17, 2008 (I know the date because iTunes tells me), while I was out of the apartment running errands or the like, one of my cats climbed onto my laptop and happened to play the song Adia. On loop. One hundred and eighty eight times.

Now, whenever I run programs to assess my music listening habits and tastes, Adia by Sarah McLaughlin is always there, right at the top. It always throws everything off. But I just can’t bring myself to delete the song from my library.

A few days after this incident one of my housemates mentioned that they heard that song playing on loop. When I explained what happened, she seemed relieved. Turns out I wasn’t feeling suicidal.

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