Things I Love Thursday, November 4th

And on the seventh day He created Things I Love Thursday. And he saw the post, and it was good. This week we explore making your bed, wearing slippers, finding a new doctor, fresh bottles of toothpaste, free iphone applications, and so much more. It’s November 4th, and it’s Things I Love Thursday.

“And on the seventh day He created Things I Love Thursday. And he saw the post, and it was good.”

Yes, dear friends, seven days have passed since the previous TILT post, which means it’s time for yet another! I would say that this week went by at about an average pace. Time didn’t fly per say, but there were never any dragging moments. Which, for me, is the best kind of week. Anyway, without further ado, here are the things I loved for the week ending on November 4th, 2010!

Made BedMaking my Bed in the Morning: It always surprises me the number of people who do not make their beds every day. Their sheets are a tangled up mess both when they wake up and when they lay down to sleep. For me, I just can’t do that. Especially since the majority of my home-time is spend in my bedroom. The simple act of putting pillows back in their places and pulling the sheets straight has a HUGE impact on the aesthetic of the entire room. This fifteen second routine can turn a messy looking room into a clean looking room. Plus, coming home to a room with a made bed is one of the easiest mind hacks to declutter your brain. Even if you never usually make your bed, the simple fact that you could or could have made your bed means there’s just one more open end floating around somewhere in your mind. It’s like the dynamic of rewarding yourself for working hard, except the “hard work” is really the simple act of taking fifteen seconds to pull a sheet straight before you leave for the day. I’m definitely in the pro-making bed camp.

SlippersSlippers: I’ve recently purchased my first pair of slippers in years. I’ve generally just used socks in replacement of slippers. But, out of nowhere, I got a craving for a pair of slippers and indulged this yearning. Now that it’s getting colder, they’re perfect for late night bathroom runs, as well as simply lounging around. The main reason I’ve generally shied away from slippers in favor of socks is the foot sweat issue. Socks never make my feet sweaty, but a nice warm pair of slippers usually leave my feet pruned and disgusting after just a short period of time. For some reason, this time around, my slippers are behaving just fine. I haven’t had any sweaty foot issues (or any other issues) at all. Hooray for my new slippers!

DoctorFinding a New Doctor: It’s been close to seven years since I’ve had a general practitioner. When I moved to New York for college, I simply used the university health center for all my concerns. After graduation, I only needed to see a doctor once, when I had strep throat, and I simply used a walk-in clinic. Then there was a brief stint of time without any health insurance, followed by getting back on my parent’s insurance. Once I was back on a health insurance plan, I made an attempt to find a doctor out in New York through Cigna’s doctor finder feature on their website. That proved to be a outstanding failure, so I just gave it up. I wasn’t sick, nor did I have any other ailments, so I didn’t really see the point in going out of my may in making a concerted effort to find a doctor when Cigna made it so difficult and frusturating. That being said, with my newly found college acceptance letter last week, I found myself in possession of some immunization forms that needed to be completed by a doctor. Thus, the hunt began again. This time, I used the amazing resource that is Why the hell wasn’t I using this website before? I simply selected what kind of doctor I needed (general practitioner), my insurance, and my zip code. Voila. I had a list of doctors, with pictures, to choose from. I will admit, I googled the doctor’s name and booked my appointment over the phone rather than through their website (sorry!) but using zocDoc was the easiest thing in the world. I had the appointment this past Tuesday, and everything was great. The offices were clean and convenient. The doctor was really cool and knowledgeable, and the nurse who drew my blood was the most talented nurse I’ve ever had. I hate (hate hate hate hate hate) having blood drawn, and she was the best nurse I’ve ever had. Now I have a super convenient doctor, just in case. And it doesn’t hurt that he works in the same building as the StumbleUpon offices.

New ToothpasteThe First Squeeze of New Toothpaste: I’ve been waiting a LONG time to add this entry to my list since my old tube of toothpaste has been on it’s last legs for weeks now. But I finally squeezed the last droplet out of the old tube a few days ago and busted out a fresh tube. And that first squeeze is always magical. The perfect ends, the exact mixtures of crest versus scope, the consistency of fresh toothpaste. It’s on par with getting new bed sheets and then showering right before climbing into bed or seeing a double rainbow. I would use the expression, “it’s the little things,” but a new tube of toothpaste isn’t a “little thing.” It’s a momentous occasion. It marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, even if it’s an era that doesn’t always permeate one’s conscious daily life. It’s death and rebirth. The first squeeze from a new bottle of toothpaste is a big deal, it’s a celebration, and it just feels so damn good. Vote “fuck yes” to fresh toothpaste.

iPhone 3GSFree iPhone App Promotions: I can’t tell you how much I love free-for-a-day iphone applications. I’ve gotten so many great paid programs for absolutely nothing. And in recent months, free applications of higher caliber have gotten even easier to find. Thanks to website’s like Free App A Day, companies are getting sponsored to give away their applications for a day, and we all win. As a consumer, I get to discover great applications, get free updates for life, and become introduced to program development companies and all of their other applications. The developers usually get their app featured on the Top 10 section of the App Store because of all the downloads, thus giving their app and company more exposure; exposure that lasts even after the app becomes paid again. And websites like Free App A Day make a killing the add revenues, since everyone wants free stuff. It’s a winning situation all around. If you have an iPhone, you should definitely check Free App A Day, or at least check the “free” section of the App Store every so often, it’s amazing the programs that are just given away. Or, if you’re feeling extra ambitious, just do a google search every day at breakfast for “iPhone ‘free only today'” and grab the interesting apps!

The Rest: Finding even more seasonal clothing that was stashed away in my closet, throwing away old stuff that I don’t need, pineapple juice, the bum barrel, feeling more enthused about my new degree every day, friends visiting from out of town, large group dinners, ultra-productive days off, discovering the nice big laundromat is closer than I thought, cookie dough, going to bed early if I’m tired, clean bed quilts, cheap picture frames, facebook friends who know me well enough to post links that are actually interesting on my wall, other people’s birthday presents from upstate, CEX closing down, spending dinner money on alcohol every once in a while, quitting things without any problems, Twitter, inspiration, sport coats, white wine, teaching myself things. Modern Family, it still being light out when I wake up, sugar free RedBull, exploitation flicks, old Peter Jackson movies, water, my morning coffee, finding a hidden stash of stickers I thought were all used up,, adding PDFs to my iPad via iBooks, finding a good app for making movie screens on a Mac, downloading more movies than I’ll ever watch, visiting old coworkers, visits from Elayne and Buck Angel, cat hair removers, digital cameras, external harddrives, USB thumb drives, mattress covers, pop tarts, rituals.

Clean Rite Laundromat

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