Things I Love Thursday, October 14th

Dude, it’s Thursday! Like, totally! This week, for Things I Love Thursday, we’ll look at ordering groceries online, social bookmarking, delicious grits, online coupon codes, sweaters, and a ton of other stuff. Take a peek!

It’s time for Things I Love Thursday!!! This week has been even more eventful than usual: full of fun and fantastic things that just ooze love. As the week was progressing, I didn’t really think twice about anything, but looking back, this really was a great week. Let’s take a look at all the lovely things happened this week!

FreshDirectFreshDirect: I just discovered that FreshDirect now delivers to my apartment! I’ve lived in so many apartments that were out of their delivery zone (read: too ghetto) so it’s great to finally be able to order from them! I had heard good things about their “4-Minute-Meals,” so I tossed a couple of those in my cart, along with some prosciutto, goat cheese, tea, and other random groceries. I booked the delivery for the following morning, between 8am and 10am (that way I’d still have time to get to work). They ended up showing up at 7:50am, which actually worked perfect for me! I’ve tried one of the 4-Minute-Meals so far, and was extremely impressed. They’re a little expensive to have on a regular basis (at least for my budget) but definitely something I’ll be ordering again in the near future.

Posting Links of Social Networking Sites: I have no idea how many people actually click through when I post news articles on Twitter and Facebook, but that does not matter at all to me. The simple act of posting or retweeting links makes me very happy! The mere fact that someone might learn something, or think about an issue in a new way because of something I posted brings me a lot of joy. In addition, it’s great to be able to go back through my posts and follow my history of learning about certain topics. I love going back from time to time and reading the headlines for the articles I posted. It gives me a chance to explore my current opinions about a topic and think back to my first impressions after reading the articles. Social bookmarking is just a great idea, all around.

GritsGrits: Growing up, I was always an oatmeal kid. Grits were a term that I had heard before, but I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what they were, what they tasted like, or even put them in the same category as oatmeal. I think it was in college when I first discovered the amazingness that is Grits. I believe my first grits were paired with my first ever biscuits and gravy, creating the ultimate breakfast. While I don’t regularly make myself biscuits and gravy, grits are super easy to whip together! After not having them for a while, I grabbed a box of instant grits this week to shake up my breakfast routine. I’m so glad I did. Grits make an absolutely fantastic breakfast, and a great break from cold cereal. Instant grits are super easy to make (read: pour water in bowl) and are quite filling. Also, grits are super inexpensive, so they’ve now earned a permanent place on my shopping list.


RetailMeNot: I have one thing to say to you if do online shopping of any kind and have not heard of RetailMeNot: you’re welcome. Bookmark that site, because you’ll be going there before every online purchase you make from now on. Basically RetailMeNot is a directory of online coupon codes. All you have to do is search for the URL of the website you’re shopping on, and they’ll give you a list of user submitted coupon codes, along with success rates and reviews. RetailMeNot is like finding money on the ground, especially when you use it for purchases you were already planning on making. This week, a friend of mine was buying some clothes online, and I was able to stop her right before she completed the transaction and jumped on RetailMeNot. We found a 20% off code, and she saved $12.80. Simply for taking two minutes to check RetailMeNot. I recommend that site to everyone.

Dann Wearing SweaterSweaters: I have been meaning to get some new sweaters this season (I like to get a few new sweaters every season) but hadn’t really found exactly what I was looking for yet. To be fair, I hadn’t really made too much of a concerted effort, so I’ve been practically sweaterless so far this year. But this week I ended up inside the French Connection where I used to work, talking to a few of my old coworkers and browsing the store. I know that French Connection has the type of sweaters I like, but the prices are too high, especially since I’ve been used to an employee wardrobe allowance and discount. While browsing the new season’s clothes, I happened to inquire about the Merino sweaters. This is when I learned that these sweaters were currently on sale. And not just any sale, but extreme discount. Originally $98, they were hard marked to $49.99 and were 60% off of that price. I got two. Hooray!

Lots of PulpThe Rest: Queen sized beds, constantly napping cats, painless car accidents, orange juice with lots of pulp, The music video for El Guichino’s Bombay, the word “savvy,” zipcar, successful mattress swaps, finding great deals on things I was already planning on buying, friends buying me drinks when I can’t afford it, body pillow covers, white wine, the view from the Brooklyn Promenade, Entrepreneur Magazine, getting things done, being healthy, coffee, Snoop Dogg’s appearances on Futurama, the Banksy Simpsons intro (even though I think both Banksy and The Simpsons are overrated), the possibility of self driving cars, visiting old coworkers, Drinking Monday, Russian Tattoo books, Chocolate Soy shampoo, swiffer pads, Skor bars, nostalgia, fully charged electronics.

Bed with Cats

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